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This women’s only support group focuses on women who are newly diagnosed or in active treatment for breast cancer. The group offers an opportunity to learn from survivors and healthcare professionals and to share concerns and triumphs. The group is professionally facilitated by oncology social worker Lisa Rosenberry MS, MSW, LCSW and is provided free to our community.

Many cancer survivors claim to have greatly benefited from laughter as a complementary option to the other established therapeutic strategy they chose to pursue.

Here are possible reasons why:

  • Deep breathing activates the parasympathetic nervous system, creating a sense of calm
  • Laughter eases depression, anxiety, boosts mood-states
  • Laughter is good for the immune system, acting as a pump for the lymphatic system
  • Laughter is a fun cardio workout, supporting heart health
  • Laughter is good for the respiratory system, opens lungs, ventilates spirit
  • Laughter is good for the nervous system, relieves pain
  • Laughter is good for mental health, breaks cycle of psychological negativity

Deep diaphragmatic breathing stimulates the cleansing of the lymph system by creating a vacuum effect which pulls the lymph through the bloodstream. This increases the rate of toxic elimination by as much as 15 times the normal rate.” – Dr. J.W. Shields, MD (Dr. J.W. Shields, MD, Lymph, lymph glands, and homeostasis. Lymphology, v25, n4, December 1992, p. 147.)


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