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Join us for this exciting 2-Day Laughter Yoga Leader Training, led by Karen Siugzda and Beverly Burns!

Hurry! Early Bird Special ends 3/24

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL: Register NOW and save $25.
That’s only $300 for 2 interactive, experiential days of laughter, health, and learning!

To register please email Beverly: bev_bur@msn.com or call: 732-991-0654.


On April 14 and 15, 2018, the halls of Mercer County Family Support Organization, in Hamilton, NJ will ring with laughter, as Karen Siugzda and Beverly Burns, M. Ed., both certified Laughter Yoga Teachers, conduct a Laughter Yoga Leader training session. In the 2-day program, you will learn about Laughter Yoga, a Full-Body Wellness Workout, and the Physical and Psychological benefits that laughter provides. Recent studies have shown that laughter affects the brain in the same way as meditation, and has many health benefits. Laughter Yoga incorporates laughter exercises with pranayama (yogic breathing) to teach you how to laugh intentionally.  There are no yoga poses and no comedy routines, just playful and fun activities using eye-contact in a group setting.

:: What is Laughter Yoga (LY)?  ::::::::::

This Body-Mind therapy was developed by Dr. Madan Kataria, Physician from Mumbai, India. LY was launched in a Park on March 13, 1995 with merely a handful of persons. Today, it has become a worldwide phenomenon with thousands of participants in over 100 countries! 10 to 15 minutes of hearty laughter without jokes or comedy will stimulate your feel-good hormones (Endorphins/Serotonin) that last for hours! Once a person completes this 2-day training, they are certified to create a laughter club and conduct their own Laughter Yoga sessions, for people of all ages and fitness levels.

Proven Health Benefits include:

  • Lowers blood pressure & improves circulation
  • Provides a light aerobic workout
  • Increases deep oxygenation to organs & brain
  • Raises self-esteem
  • Lowers anxiety and stress (Cortisol)
  • Reduces depression
  • Lifts your mood by increasing ‘feel good’ hormones (Endorphins)
  • Increases pain blockers (Dopamine)
  • Jump-starts your immune system
  • Aids in combating infections / autoimmune diseases
  • Helps one to deeply relax all the muscles
  • Reduces stress and body tensions
  • Improves one’s sleep
  • Connects us by increasing Social Skills and Trust in a Group Setting-Increasing Resiliency and Emotional Intelligence!
  • Inspires unconditional laughter, joy and playfulness!

:: Who should train?  ::::::::::

  • Teachers
  • Therapists
  • Yoga Instructors
  • Physical Therapists
  • Clergy
  • Gym Teachers
  • Senior Recreation Specialists
  • Treatment & Recovery Therapists
  • HR Directors
  • Nurses & Doctors
  • Parents
  • Grandparents
  • Anyone who wants to improve their physical, mental & emotional wellness!

:: Who qualifies? ::::::::::

No special experience is necessary. Anyone can partake, who can work aerobically standing up or sitting for at least 30 minutes at a time, and is serious about committing to a self-transforming training! We are disability friendly and can work with you!

:: What do I get?  ::::::::::

All participants will get:

  • two full days of practice, learning 60 plus exercises and theory
  • Dr. Kataria’s E-Book: ‘Laugh for No Reason’
  • Certified Laughter Yoga Leader E-Manual & hard copy manual
  • Your internationally recognized Certificate as a Laughter Yoga Leader
  • cold & hot beverages
  • upon graduation- Six months free access to Dr. Kataria’s Prozone member site on laughteryoga.org: Resources & Networking with Laughter Yoga
  • Laughter Yoga Leader colleagues locally and from around the world!

:: What do I bring to training? ::::::::::

Please wear comfortable clothing and shoes (barefoot is fine too!); bring a mat or blanket to do floor exercises (no strenuous asana/poses) that anyone can do.

:: What does it cost?  ::::::::::

2-Day Laughter Yoga Leader training cost is $325
Early Bird Deal: $300 (register by 3/24/18)
Bring a Friend Deal: Register with a friend and you each save $25
(not to be combined with the Early Bird Deal)

Certified Laughter Yoga Leader/Teachers can join us for the refresher rate of $100!

:: Where is the training held? ::::::::::

Mercer County Family Support Organization
3535 Quakerbridge Rd, Suite 400
Trenton, NJ 08619



“I highly recommend the 2 day Laughter Yoga Leader Training workshop taught by Karen Siugzda and Beverly Burns.
This course covered a lot of information that was very easy to absorb. We practiced a lot of laughter exercises which made the class energetic and fun! I had taken many Laughter Yoga classes before but I learned so much more in this training. I now feel confident to go out and teach a Laughter Yoga class on my own. Thank you Karen and Beverly, keep up the great work!”

Lorraine N.


“Thanks for a fun and informative training! I thought it was great! I especially appreciated the opportunity to dive right in and experience Laughter Yoga that first morning. It was everything I expected it to be!

All the additional resources are fantastic, too. Thanks again for everything! I appreciate you both sharing your expertise and your laughter!”

Julie S.


“Hi Karen and Beverly! Thank you so much for facilitating the training. I really left feeling that it was one of the most unique and uplifting experiences I’ve had. I felt like the training was well balanced between learning and practicing the different techniques. I definitely walked away feeling like I could teach this. I’m looking forward to bringing a laughter class to the studio.”

Alyssa Z.


“What a fabulous weekend it was with you and all our laughter friends that we hadn’t yet met!! I cannot express fully just how warm and fuzzy I feel from the experience, especially considering I went into it fully believing that LY is the right path for me but, oh, how was I going to manage with a room full of people I’d never met and to be with them all for two full days? I’ve never felt so comfortable within a group that size for so many hours and having just met everyone. It was truly magical. Thank you, to you both, for creating the supportive, safe space for those feelings to emerge and blossom. I look back on the weekend and feel such peace, such joy and continue to visualize the smiles and laughter on everyone’s faces, especially my laughter buddy (Jodi).

Thank you, again, for the amazing training, the skills I’ve learned, the support, the fun. I’d gladly do it all over again and am so grateful to you both for putting together this tremendous training program. As we said in one of the many affirmations, “I am AMAZING, you are AMAZING, WE ARE AMAZING!!’. Let’s do this!! I’m ready to stumble and get back up again. You’ve given us the skills, you’ve given us the guidelines and resources, and now we can rock and roll. Have a beautiful, laughter-filled day!!”

Miriam G.



Karen Siugzda discovered Laughter Yoga during a very difficult time in her life and proclaims it has truly been a saving grace. She realized the amazing benefits of laughter after just one laughter session! It only took two sessions for her to realize that this simple, fun, yet wonderfully healing activity is an integral part of her life’s journey, then she immediately became an instructor. Obtaining a dual certification in 2012 as both a “Certified Laughter Yoga Leader” as well as “Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor,” Karen has been bringing healing laughter to communities and corporate environments alike. In 2015, Karen made her internet-radio debut, discussing the benefits of Laughter Yoga and leading a session LIVE on the air. And in 2017 Karen extended her training and is now a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher.  Since her initial training in 2012, Karen has led many Laughter Yoga sessions for community, corporate, support centers, cancer centers, Alzheimers Association, local libraries, and more.

Beverly Burns, M.Ed., has been passionate about teaching laughter Therapy/Yoga to children of all ages and health conditions since she trained with Dr. Kataria in 2002 and 2010 and received her LY Teacher Certification. Bev has given 8 certified LY leader trainings as well as hundreds of LY sessions since. She appeared on channel 7 ABC Health News laughing with a group of seniors in their community. Professionally, she has been a teacher and Prevention Education Specialist, working for many years with the special needs population, teachers, teens, children, cancer survivors, seniors and people in recovery from addictions.


Refund Policy: Up to 2 weeks before the training date we will refund you minus $35. Less than 2 weeks, cost can be put toward future training.