Laughter Wellness Testimonials

Laughter Yoga is really helpful in shifting to a positive mindset. It’s easy and I can use it at any time. And it’s different than laughing at a funny movie because often times, they use off-color jokes that I don’t appreciate, so that has a negative impact on me. But with Laughter Yoga, I don’t need to use off-color jokes. I can just laugh at any time!

Sarah D.
I had such a great time. Thank you so much Karen for such a fun class. Not only did the class elevate my mood, my soul was allowed to bond with 18 complete strangers whom I hope to have the pleasure of meeting again.
I highly recommend this class for almost anyone.
George P.
What a fun class! It was my first, but certainly not my last. Karen is a great facilitator. The group of folks participating in last night’s class were very welcoming, and made me feel completely comfortable. Looking forward to laughing some more!!

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This class is so much fun, I just love it because it brings out the silly side of me that I have kept hidden for too long. It is very energizing!
Lorraine N.
We’d absolutely love to have you back. The feedback is always overwhelmingly positive from the group and it is certainly a different type of activity we have in REC!
David Johnson, Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter
Karen’s laughter class is awesome! She is energetic and fun….you won’t be disappointed! Laughter is the best medicine…
Wendy S.
I feel energized and relaxed all at the same time. I look forward to coming back with friends.
Michelle F.
One of my challenges with Lyme Disease is that my body feels rigid/frozen and like it’s filled with heavy, wet sand. After a session with KAREN and LAUGHTER WELLNESS, the spaces that are supposed to be between my cells feel opened up and the energy that was blocked can flow again. I feel lighter, energized, and more alive!
Jan V.
I know a class is great when I know I can share it with others. Karen provided seeds to plant in all my travels, even when stuck in traffic, and especially in my work with mental health consumers. This is joy made tangible.
Janet B.
An amusing way to celebrate with your community while working on your well-being. An absolute must for a group outing, a first date, a reunion, a business meeting, or opening up a conference.
Meghan B.
Thank you very much for the Laughter class for the Virtua Voorhees Cancer Survivors Support Group. It was fun and healthy. We each benefited from the Laughter Wellness experience. I am going to share your information with co-workers, family, and friends.

Keep on promoting the Affirmations. You are fabulous!!

Marian Mitchell, CSW, M. Div., Ed. S, Spiritual Support Counselor, Virtua Oncology Support Services
Thanks again Karen, Great Job! You took me from a “4” to an “8”
Dave P.
“Karen brought unbridled enthusiasm and joy to my group an encouraged a level of playful expression that got my group engaged, entertained, and laughing for wellness! Karen masterfully worked with the group, many of whom expressed explicit apprehension about the program, to ensure that the health benefits and merits of laughter yoga were well-understood and that folks felt comfortable being playful.

Not only was Karen’s program executed well, but her professionalism in coordinating programs was exemplary and I would recommend her services without reservation. Thank you, Karen!”

(The Alzheimer’s Association REC Center is a social engagement program for individuals in the early stages of a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders.)

David Johnson, REC Center Coordinator for the Alzheimer’s Association Delaware Valley Chapter
Karen provides excellent sessions. Within a few short minutes, a group of twenty people were totally engaged in the session. It provided the people relief from everyday cares and complete joy, allowing them to walk out truly uplifted. Thinking back to the to the classes just puts a smile on one’s face. Karen is an excellent instructor.
Myra H. (Parkinson's Support Group Facilitator)
Karen’s Laughter Yoga is magic! It transformed a roomful of grumpy grownups with issues into playful, energetic young people. We left energized, happy and amused. I would recommend this to anyone, regardless of physical ability, age, illness or general crankiness. You will not be disappointed.
Susan H. (Willingboro Public Library)
Karen’s Laughter Wellness program is a little bit yoga, a little bit self-awareness and a LOT of fun. She combines breathing techniques and simple stretching with smiling and laughter that is equally natural and primal to get a positive outcome of vibrancy and energy to get you through the rest of your day. You will be surprised how funny you and your friends or co-workers can be without really having to try. Every day movement combined with basic expressions or sounds and a whole heaping-helping of eye contact drives the experience that wraps up with an impromptu laugh-out-loud session that is born out of the sense of community you formed with your fellow participants in such a short time. In short, I laughed, I cri-… no I laughed some more, had a great time and felt awesome afterward.
Anthony S.
That truly was so much fun!! I would totally do that once a week!
Kelly A.
Your laughter wellness came on the perfect day and pulled me out of my funk, had a great time – thanks again.
Katherine C.
I was skeptical at first, but after only one class, I’m a believer!
Art S.
I feel as energized as if I just had 2 cups of coffee.
Tom C.
It was a great reminder that we don’t need to wait for something to make us laugh, we can just laugh anytime, we don’t need a reason.
Jane P.
I attended your class for the first time this past Friday. I really can not believe how much fun I had at Laugh Yoga. It really opened my eyes to new adventures and it showed me that getting out of your comfort zone can be a good positive experience. It also made me realize how good it feels to laugh. Please add me to your mailing list, I would like to attend more of your classes.

Keep up the great work, and keep laughing!
I know I was this whole weekend.

Heather S.
I didn’t think about my To Do list the entire time I was here.
Mark E.
It was fun and I did feel more vibrant afterward. It definitely works!
Anthony S.
Thanks for a great class! I like trying new things, so I’m glad you decided to share it here at work.
Cate G.