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My journey to Laughter Wellness

Hi! I’m Karen Siugzda. I came upon Laughter Wellness during a very difficult time in my life and it has truly been a saving grace. I realized the amazing benefits of laughter after taking just one laughter class! And it only took two classes for me to realize that this simple, fun, yet wonderfully healing activity is an integral part of my life’s journey and I immediately became an instructor. Obtaining a dual certification in 2012 as both a “Certified Laughter Yoga Leader” as well as “Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor,” I have been bringing healing laughter to communities and corporate environments alike. In 2017 I took my training to the next level and am now a Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher. With this extended level of certification and knowledge, I am now leading inspiring, fun-filled, 2-day Laughter Yoga Leader Certification trainings, in addition to regular Laughter Yoga sessions.

The profound shift in energy, mood and vitality that I experienced during my introductory laughter classes continue to be a driving force in my desire to share the practice with others. I am a firm believer that laughter, breath work and playfulness are incredibly healing and I have witnessed wonderful transformations, both personally and within students, through the practice. Laughter Wellness has been life changing for me, complementing my regular Svaroopa Yoga practice, boosting energy and creativity in my career as an Art Director for a publishing company, and providing overall support through the ebb and flow of life. My excitement and passion for Laughter Wellness shine through in each class. My light-hearted, playful approach is welcoming to newcomers as well as seasoned laughers.

LAUGH out loud. Follow your HEART. And ENJOY the little things.

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