Laughter Wellness Benefits

Laughter Wellness is simple yet profound. It is a complete series of techniques that unlock the many healing benefits of laughter and promote physical wellness and overall wellbeing. It’s science-based, uplifting, energizing and FUN! Anyone can do it; you don’t need to be flexible or funny.

It is based on laughter yoga; however, it does not involve yoga poses. It’s the yoga of breath and moving energy. The “yoga” aspect of it is the mindfulness and deep breathing exercises we incorporate. Laughter Wellness promotes healing and having fun through simple movements, lots of laughter and breathwork. It’s very simple, so it is available to everybody. You can even participate in a chair.

Laughter Wellness benefits your entire being: body, mind, and spirit

Physical health: Laughter Wellness’ innovative approach unlocks laughter’s known ability to strengthen all immune functions, tone the cardiovascular system, exercise the lungs, decrease pain, diffuse stress, release muscle tension and much more. The results are less sick days, health insurance claims, litigations, absenteeism.

Emotional health: Laughter Wellness’ key emphasis on “choosing to laugh” shifts perspectives, breaks the cycle of negativity and improves one’s mood. It helps to find stressful events less disturbing and easier to deal with. The results are more equanimity, mindfulness; less stress, anxiety, depression.

Mental health: Laughter Wellness exercises are designed to stimulate both hemispheres of the brain, encouraging clarity and better problem solving ability. The results are a big boost in positive attitude, more creativity, less inhibitions.

Social health: Laughter Wellness exercises are designed to connect people, trigger positive feelings and foster an emotional connection, which in turn creates a positive bond with each other. This is team-bonding at its best!

Spiritual health: Laughter Wellness exercises aim to develop compassion, altruism, joy, and fulfillment. This leads to more trust, self-confidence, peace of mind, better quality of life.

Laughter Wellness benefits a wide range of groups

  • senior centers
  • health & wellness centers
  • retirement communities
  • businesses
  • schools
  • parties
  • church gatherings
  • community gatherings
  • cancer & disease healing
  • substance abuse rehabilitation
  • mental health healing
  • anywhere you’d like to enhance health and joy!

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