About Karen

Karen has dual certification as both a “Certified Laughter Yoga Teacher,” trained by Jeffrey Briar, as well as “Certified Laughter Wellness Instructor,” trained by Sebastien Gendry, the founder of Laughter Wellness. Karen's excitement and passion for utilizing laughter for health & wellness shines through in each class. Her light-hearted, playful approach is welcoming to newcomers as well as seasoned laughers.

Your positive attitude equals freedom

Your positive attitude equals freedom I had the amazing pleasure of laughing with an extraordinarily beautiful spirit recently, reminding me of the power of positivity. Her name is Helene. Now, granted, I get the pleasure of laughing with a lot of beautiful souls. It’s quite a blessing. But Helene has left a positive and lasting impression [...]

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Happiness Choice

Happiness Choice One of the most rewarding and profound realizations I've had is also the most intimidating: I am solely responsible for my experience of life. Wow. Every time I ponder this I get a rush of excited empowerment, followed by a wave of fear. The repercussions of this fact are huge! On the one [...]

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Benefits of Laughing Even When You Don’t Feel Like It

Benefits of Laughing Even When You Don’t Feel Like It Life is full of stressors. You may feel like crying more often than you feel like laughing. But many experts say that laughing in even the grimmest situations is good for you, both mentally and physically. Laughter releases stress, strengthens the immune system, improves sleep, [...]

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Explore playfulness by thinking from another plane

Explore playfulness by thinking from another plane Occasionally, I lead creative meetings at work. One particular exercise was to create a paper airplane. The main goal was to construct it so it would fly the farthest. Those were the only instructions given. My fellow co-workers eagerly began constructing their very best airplanes, with perfectly creased and [...]

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